Born in 1956 in Surrey, Ray was convinced even as a schoolboy that he could make painting his way of life. Gifted with a natural ability he has worked consistently towards achieving his goal. During the last ten years he has exhibited in group exhibitions at home and abroad and he has been successful at the prestigious Summer Exhibition held at the Royal Academy. His exhibitions are enormously popular and for many years have been total sell outs.

Ray’s career has gone from strength to strength since the late 1970’s when he returned to the UK after studying and travelling through Europe. He was heavily influenced by the great Dutch masters who inspired him to paint in the Flemish tradition. He has now developed his own individual style that is widely recognised and greatly admired.

Ray recently held his first solo exhibition in Australia where he found new collectors appreciating his vivid still life oils. Over the years he has assembled a collection of interesting items both old and new which he periodically includes to great effect in his paintings. Silver porcelain, champagne bottles and clocks all sit well amongst the mouth watering array of fresh foods and have become highly recognisable features of his paintings.